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Make Your Thesis and Research Papers Mistake Free

Language plays an important role in the writing of an effective and quality thesis, dissertation, research papers, articles, stories, book chapters, books, Emails, posts for Facebook, twitter, stumble and another social media. The mistake free quality writing enhances the possibility of research works and thesis to publish in higher ranking National and International Journals. The preparation of grammar mistake free manuscripts in English is difficult task particularly for none native English speaking students, researchers, and academicians.
               Writing of mistake free English now made possible by Grammarly, a program that can checks:
  • Contextual Spelling (Spelling checking)
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation (full stop, comma, semicolon etc.)
  • Sentence Structure
  • Style

and it is done almost at all platforms wherever you write English on your computer and Laptops.
Even if you have prepared your documents then it can also be used to check the documents. It is available free online. You can download and install in your chrome browser as extension and download and add to your MSWord as Add-In. You can enable or disable the Grammarly in your MS Word whenever you like. It works better than other spelling checkers. To download and install Grammarly step by step you can watch this video

I recommend it for those students willing to write good English. Try it and share the video 
with your friends. 

Let Us Write Mistake Free English

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