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Choice of intercrops and intercropping in pre bearing and bearing orchard

The selection of crops for intercropping in fruit orchards depends upon several factors but in case of Pre bearing and bearing orchards, the availability of Sunlight is the most important factor which decides the selection of crops for intercropping. The intercrops can be classified into two groups one that requires plenty of Sunlight and cannot perform well under shade and the second group of the crops which perform well even in case of availability of diffused sunlight under canopy of fruit plants. In pre bearing orchard plenty of space is available that permits sunlight to come down and be available to inter crops for photosynthesis, so any crop can be cultivated as intercrops in pre bearing orchards if otherwise those crops are compatible with orchard fruit plants whereas in bearing orchard the canopy of fruit plant is well developed and interferes the penetration of sunlight down ward therefore only those crops which can survive and perform well under shade of canopy should be selected for intercropping. The crops which need less sunlight are Ginger, Turmeric and elephant foot. These crops can be cultivated in bearing orchards as intercrop.

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