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Kinnow Introduction in India


K(caps)innow is a hybrid between King (Citrus nobilis) and Willow leaf (Citrus deliciosa) mandarins developed in 1915 by Dr. H.B. Frost at  University Of California USA. After a long evaluation period of 20 years it was released in 1935 as a new variety for its commercial cultivation. The fruit  character of kinnow ranges  between mandarin  and sweet Orange by being neither loose nor  tight skin. 

   It was brought to India at Regional Fruit Research Station Abohar of Punjab Agriculture University by Dr.  J.C. Bakhshi from California. Initially four plants were maintained at Regional Fruit Research Station Abohar. After evaluation of its  performance at Abohar it was  recommended for commercial cultivation since then it has emerged as the number one fruit both in area and production and has brought Golden revolution in the Punjab State. Now it is popular in India.

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