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How this grass is useful in gardening

  • There are many uses of dry as well as green moss grass in horticulture. The grass is very important in gardening as dry moss grass is used in the propagation of horticultural crops, put in  the pot to conserve the loss of water from the pot plants particularly  Bonsai pots which are very shallow to conserve the moisture for survival of Bonsai under dry conditions.

  • Moss grass  belongs to the genus Sphagnum which comprises around 380 moss grass species. 

In this post and YouTube Video you will learn about the moss grass and its uses in gardening. You can get your leaning score immediately by submitting the quiz 

  • The dead as well as live moss grass cell has better water holding capacity, it can hold water 20 times of its dry weight.

  • Sphagnum moss does not rot readily because of the presence of a large amount of phenolic compounds in it. The higher content of phenolic compounds give antifungal property to the moss.

  • Dry moss grass is used to make a Moss stick to support the ornamental climbers of aesthetic values. Dry moss is also used in the propagation of plants by air layering. Green moss is used for the preparation of the lawn under shady and wetland conditions.

Watch the YouTube video to learn how moss grass is used in  gardening

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