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Shot Berries- Causes and Corrective measures

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What do you know about shot berries? What are the causes and corrective measures of the shot berries?


Shot berries

it is a physiological disorder of grape. The berries that are smaller, round and seedless as compared to normal berries are called shot berries. Shot berries is also known as Millerandage or hens and chicks or pumpkins and peas.

Causes of shot berries

They are formed due to delay in pollination and fertilization of a few flowers or due to inadequate flow of carbohydrates into the set berries. Boron deficiency, incorrect stages of GA application and girdling are the known reasons for shot-berry formation. In seeded varieties shot berries are seedless and small whereas in seedless varieties they are smaller than normal berries but, in both cases, they are sweeter than normal berries. Normally small berries drop after 7-10 days of fruit set due to failure of embryo formation or under nourishment but some small berries do not drop and get nourishment and develop shot berries.

Shot berries corrective measures

Application of auxins at blooming stage help to the growth of even unfertilized ovary to normal size berries. Stop the application of Gibberellic Acid between the fruit set and shatter stage of the berries. Rectification of the boron and zinc deficiency control the development of shot berries.

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